Rinat Bassan 

interior designer

Great design begins with understanding my clients' needs.


An experienced interior designer based in Israel.  Israeli born and raised, I relocated with my family in 1989 to the US. Growing up in Las Vegas was a very exciting and influential experience. Throughout the years I have had full range of design and renovation project for private and commercial clients throughout Israel.

Interior design is much more than picking out the right colors or moving around furniture, it's about planing or reconstructing a space to maximize its potential, while taking into consideration client’s needs, timeframe and budget.  I believe your home should reflect you, not an interior designer or trend.  Each home I design is unique and a true reflection of my client. I work based on an open line of communication as understanding your lifestyle, wants, likes and dislikes, is fundamental in creating your dream home and space.  

By advising and guiding you through the project, asking the right questions and solving unexpected problems I make sure you project experience is flawless. Whether you want to create more storage space, repurpose a room, update a kitchen or build your dream house I can make your dreams come true. I am fully fluent in both English and Hebrew, which means I speak your language as well as the contractor's language, making sure everyone is "on the same page" and your project is on-time, on-budget and meets the specifications.


My Core Principles

I apply three core principles to all of my client's projects:

Smart Planning
Smart Planning means the right use of space, integrating your wants and needs, combining functionality with design, and finding suitable and affordable alternatives to more expensive pieces and products.


"Be Green"
Designing a space does not necessarily require throwing out the old and buying all new. I believe in taking old pieces and renovating them, whether it be reupholstering your grandmother's chair or replacing outdated kitchen panels instead of the entire cupboard – making use of existing items while saving you money.


Tailored Design

Your home should reflect you. To achieve a personalized look, I work to find unique representations of your style, interests and personality, incorporating different pieces you have collected and loved over the years into the space.


My Services

My work incorporates functionality, practicality, lifestyle and personal design. My services includes:

  • Consultation before purchasing a property

  • Design of new properties and renovation of older properties

  • Home styling and furnishing

  • Residential and commercial spaces


The Process

Design projects begin with planning your home, office or space. This includes division of space, walls and rooms; plumbing; electricity; floors; tiling; etc… A critical element of any project is developing a budget, which I will create and work with throughout the process. And lastly, come the furnishing:  furniture style, space design, lighting, textiles, wall décor and more.

In the end, what' most important is to create a space that's enjoyable, aesthetic and functional for you – making your house into your home.